Is Your Love Life Breaking Your Heart?

Are you afraid your love life is unraveling?

Do you wake up at 3am feeling lonely only to see your partner of 7 years sleeping soundly beside you?Broken_Heart_70985

Have you given up hope of ever feeling better?

We understand how painful romantic relationships can be.  And, we recognize the importance of finding that special someone.

We’ve heard clients say they are afraid to look too closely at their relationship for fear they will have to break up. The truth is, the way to save your relationship is to take a close look.

We know the secret to successful and rewarding long term relationships is good communication. WE CAN HELP.

bigstockphoto_Help_Up_1665981When you achieve self awareness, it is followed by self acceptance. As we learn to accept ourselves, we are more open, willing and ready to find and keep true love.

Give us a call today at 214-521-1278 to set up an appointment with a licensed counselor who will teach you the skills you need for a loving supportive relationship.

Although half of all marriages end in divorce, it doesn’t have to happen to you. You deserve to love and be loved.The_Heart_Makes_Waves_1793166

Learn the communication and self awareness skills needed to find happiness and security. Let us help you mend your broken heart.

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